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Whiting Dental provides a list of general and cosmetic dental services for patients of all ages. We offer everything from routine dental cleanings or fillings to oral surgeries and cosmetic smile design. Our dental staff will create a dental plan that is unique for you so you can achieve the healthy, happy smile you are striving for.

Some of our popular cosmetic dentistry services:


Invisalign aligners allow dentists to treat teeth that need to be straightened, but without having to install a metal device in the mouths of their patients. Invisalign aligners gently work to bring your teeth back into the desired position without the harsh metal device.

Dental Implants

A Dental Implant is a replacement for your natural tooth. Your dentist will thoroughly clean and prepare the space where your tooth used to be, removing any pieces of tooth remaining in the space, then insert a dental screw into the bone where your natural tooth was.


Veneers are a very thin dental material that is laid over the surface of your natural tooth, wrapping it in a protective layer that covers the small cracks and blemishes on the surface of your tooth.