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Veneers are a very thin dental material that is laid over the surface of your natural tooth, wrapping it in a protective layer that covers the small cracks and blemishes on the surface of your tooth. Veneers are made of a porcelain material so they are durable and safe and can be shaded in a range of tooth colors to match the surrounding teeth. This allows your veneers to blend in more naturally so that no one will even know you have them, unless you tell them!

Veneers Can Help With:

  • A crooked tooth or a tooth with an uneven shape
  • Small cracks or chips in the tooth that do not need more aggressive treatments
  • Spaces between teeth, gaps that detract from your appearance
  • Teeth that are too sensitive for regular teeth whitening treatments
  • Teeth stains do not respond to regular teeth whitening treatments

Veneers can be a great solution when you have stains that do not respond to regular teeth whitening treatments. Some stains can be from foods and beverages, and some from age and even from certain medications and health conditions. Stains that are deeply set into the enamel of your tooth may not respond well to teeth whitening and veneers can cover the tooth in a shade of white that enhances your smile and overall appearance.

Veneers can also be a great solution for teeth that are chipped or slightly crooked or have a pointed end. With veneers, your dentist can provide you with a more natural appearance with teeth that are even and protected too.

And veneers are easy to care for!

Veneers don’t replace your natural teeth, they just cover them. And veneers are designed to be cleaned the same way that you clean your natural teeth. Your dentist will bond your veneers to your tooth so there is nothing to take out and nothing special to do to clean them. Just continue to brush and floss regularly, and maintain good dental hygiene like you always do!